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My Bad Girls Club

Post  bgcexpert1234 on Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:21 pm

The Bad Girls Club (L.A.) 1st episode teaser

Intro: 7 bad girls move into a mansion to try to change there bad ways. Not only that, but to party and have fun. Moving into a house with 6 other self-proclaimed bad girls might be a struggle, there is also the number one rule:NO PHYSICAL VIOLENCE.
Karren: Being a bad girl isn't being a bad person. It's just being you, and make bitches jealous thats all.(karren,23,silent killer) Ohhh Shi*! this house is dope am i the only bitch up in here? oooo yes this is my bed. I better not be rooming with an ugly bitch!
Melissa:Im excited to move into the house, Im ready to just rock this house. I cant wait to get drunk and start with these hoes!(melissa,22,hot mamma)
Karren: I hear The limo and im ready to see who my roomate is!
melissa: I swear if im in the house with a ghetto bitch its over
melissa+karren: Hi nice to meet you (Hugging Each-other)
Melissa: Whooo! the bitch ain't a hoodrat! lol
Karren: come getcha bed girrl.
Lacey: Im a goofball i like to have fun im a classy girl, i mean i have respect for myself, BUT! when i do feel like im being disrespected u see a bitch knocked out on the floor!(Lacey,23,the mouth)
Melissa: Okay im walking downstairs to get a drink and i see GHETTO bitch and i seriously dont wanna live with this bitch!
Lacey: wtf are u looking at bitch!?
If you guys like this season so far comment and say say then i'll put the rest of the episode Smile


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